Kenny Rivero (b. 1981, New York; works in New York. MFA Yale 2012, BFA SVA2006. Public collections: Pérez Art Museum Miami, USA.) Rivero’s work, whichspans paintings, collage, drawings, and sculpture, explores the complexity ofidentity through narrative images, language, and symbolism. His aim is todeconstruct the histories and identities he has been raised to understand asabsolute and to reengineer them into new wholes, with new functions. Hiscreative process allows him to explore what he perceives as the broken narrativeof Dominican American identity, socio-geographic solidarity, familial expectations, race, and gender roles.Rivero cites the hybrid qualities of salsa, hip-hop, house music, jazz, and merengue—as well as Vodun andSanteria, which were present in his daily life growing up—as core influences on his decision-making in thestudio.