Bari Ziperstein (b. 1978, Chicago; works in Los Angeles. MFA CalArts 2004, BFA Ohio University 2000.) Ziperstein's mixed media, ceramic-based sculpturepractice engages ideas of consumerism, propaganda, and the built environment. Ziperstein is noted for her ongoing investigation of Soviet-era textile design and patterns. One such body of works are her highly technical figurative ceramicsculptures that reference 1980s propaganda posters from the Eastern Bloc, which she sourced specifically for their patronizing messages about domestic morality, alcoholism, motherhood, and the place of women insociety. Ziperstein considers it to be a distinct feminist gesture that she has offered the propaganda a new tactile presence, interrogating the relationship between craft, the home, and femininity by leaning into ceramics' historical position as a craft practice. Ziperstein's practice is materially experimental, such as a new body of flat ceramic works first presented by Charles Moffett in Summer 2020. Her objects and sculptural tableaux reflect her interest in the political dimensions of capitalist economies, examining American aspiration through a historical lens.