Two paintings hanging on a wall in the foreground and one painting hanging in the background. The paintings are by New York-based artist Sam Bornstein.
If Sam Bornstein’s dreamy and soft-spoken paintings have a subject, it’s the mystery of proximate unknowability in a city like New York. “Variety Lofts,” which inaugurates Charles Moffett’s new space in Tribeca, nods to the city’s architecture and artistic history. The title, inspired by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, evokes a sense of life in close vicinity: a student’s loft above a working artist’s studio above a late-night pizza shop, all while a window-cleaner hangs outside. 14 April, 2022
This young painter having his first NYC solo show presents dreamy figurative paintings rendered in a variety of techniques that include scraping, pouring, screen-printing, stenciling and sanding. The subjects here, sometimes titled by occupations (electrician, telemarketer), are seen caught between labor and leisure, reality and reverie. 17 December, 2018
When an artist bares an element of doubt in their work, they open a portal to the act of making. This productive doubt characterizes the art of Sam Bornstein, who, like Pierre Bonnard or Amy Sillman, is invested in searching and revision. 29 November, 2018