I’m most interested in the breaking points of structures. This can be capitalism or patriarchy or religion or beauty—structures can be interpreted in so many ways, but what intrigues me most is the moment those biases lose traction; the moment we realize we’re behaving in line with someone else’s ideas and making judgments and projections based on something more like propaganda than empiricism and understanding. 14 May, 2021
For her first U.S. solo show, London artist Gianna Dispenza presents four separate bodies of work, including her “Bathers” paintings, which invert the trope of the woman caught unaware at the water’s edge by a voyeuristic male artist. These canvases are inspired not by sexual desire but by the Dispenza’s discovery of a women-only swimming pool that she quickly embraced as a safe space—one that made her realize how much that feeling was missing in her everyday life. 03 May, 2021