The works seek to reimagine mid-century geometric abstraction and embody the monochromatic painting tradition, taking advantage of the style’s exploration of color. 13 April, 2021
The show’s poetic title—at once searching, declarative, and ambivalent—is fitting for an artist who wrestles with questions of race, time, identity, and the universe. “Colors take on meaning,” Gumby says. “It’s psychological warfare, reinforced from pop culture to fine art. As a person of color and as an abstract painter, this was a conversation I wanted to be part of. 18 March, 2021
I like art that has a delayed read to it. Let me explain that. I see a painting that I like and there’s something in the work that holds my attention longer than 30 seconds or two minutes. I’m drawn to works that were given a lot of attention to details. The devil is in the details. It’s in the color composition or orientation of the work or the clever use of contrasting materials that look or feel very seamless. 25 February, 2021