Artists for NADA: Supporting the NADA Gallery Relief Fund

17 April - 10 May 2020

Artists for NADA: Supporting the NADA Gallery Relief Fund

April 17 through May 10, 2020
An Online Selling Exhibition

We are incredibly grateful to all the artists without whom galleries simply would not exist. Rent - for studios and galleries alike - cannot be covered by hollow words.

What we ask of our colleagues and collectors may not be easy - especially in uncertain times - but we recognize an urgent need: to alleviate the extraordinary pressure felt by so many artists and small galleries. As one of those small galleries, we are by no means exempt from the toll COVID-19 has taken. It is precisely at these moments of crisis, however, that we must demonstrate our commitment to the community of artists upon which we depend.

In keeping with this spirit, we are laying out a thoroughly transparent financial breakdown of how this upcoming exhibition will run. Galleries that have stepped forward to help make this online presentation possible have agreed to forfeit sale proceeds. 50% of every sale will go directly to individual artists, with at least 25% directed to the NADA Gallery Relief Fund. The NADA Gallery Relief Fund is an initiative to offer grants supporting commercial art galleries, non-profits, and alternative spaces working with contemporary art that have been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

In acknowledgement of your support for our artists and for NADA, we are extending up to a 25% discount on all works, remitting all remaining proceeds to the NADA Gallery Relief Fund.